Friday, December 11, 2015

china mold maker

how to find a chinese top mold maker?

If you are a designer , innovator or you are starting or planning a Kickstarter campaign and you wish a partner in product development than you find our company tripe-c china mold maker a the perfect supplier for your custom made parts!

How can we help:

Of course first we will get your project in 2 d sketches in any Autocad pdf or 3d cad igs file format and we will study and review your cad-files. We prefer 3d cad files as it is easy too measure weights and dimensions. And with our sophisticated 3d cad files we can walk throught the files
Material and finishing requires of your part will be discussed. If you donnot have a  clue about material we can advice the right material if we know the application..
Besides our toolmakers use 3d cad files to design the molds in NX. Still some designer suse 2d , we can assist you to create the necessary files

After our analysis we will give you an offer.  We need to know a bit more about projected quantities per year per month. The packaging